Why Office Cleaning Services Are Essential To Your Business

Having an unclean office can be detrimental to your business. It can reduce productivity, cause employees to miss work, and even spread germs. These can lead to a lot of sick days.

A professional cleaning company will use disinfection routines to prevent germs from spreading. They will also follow strict international standards when cleaning your establishment.

Professional Equipment

Professional office cleaning St Louis companies have the proper equipment to get your office looking its best. They use specialized tools for everything from dusting and mopping to deep cleaning the carpets. They also have the right chemicals to disinfect surfaces and eliminate germs. They are also experienced with the unique challenges of cleaning facilities like warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other industrial locations.

It is well known that poor hygiene can spread colds and flu, especially in close-quartered spaces such as offices. This can cause employees to miss work and lower productivity levels. Hiring a hard-working office cleaning St Louis provider can help reduce the number of days employees are out sick, which will help keep the business running smoothly.

JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting franchisees undergo a rigorous certification process and are provided with all necessary equipment, approved products, and JAN-PRO branded wearables. They also follow a 50-point cleaning checklist to ensure their services are top-notch and meet the company’s high standards.

Experienced Employees

When you hire JAN-PRO office cleaning St Louis services, you can rest assured that the employees are trained to provide superior cleaning services. They also undergo a thorough background check and have access to a security clearance. Besides, they must follow the company’s standardized systems and procedures when cleaning different clients.

JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting in St. Louis and Central MO has excellent, experienced cleaners who can offer the best cleaning services for commercial spaces in the area. They use advanced systems and technology to clean rental regions, offices, managed properties, banks, and other commercial rooms. They also take special orders from specialty facilities, including schools and medical entities.

Their services extend to industrial and manufacturing spaces, such as processing plants, warehouses, and factories. These services are backed by the company’s premium products and systems, including EnviroShield, an advanced disinfection system.


A clean office is essential to a productive work environment. A cluttered desk can look untidy and can cause people to feel tired quickly. This is especially true in a large office with many people working closely together. Maintaining the space clean and tidy by following hygiene policies is vital. These include wiping down desktops and equipment with sanitizing spray once or twice a day, emptying trash bins, removing waste from shared tables, and taking out the trash daily.

JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting of St. Louis and Central MO offers clients a wide range of cleaning services. They provide cleaning services for commercial spaces, government buildings, offices, and managed properties. They also clean medical areas such as dental and doctor’s offices, hospitals, and surgical centers. The company’s well-structured systems allow them to clean these spaces more efficiently. They also take special orders from medical entities and professionals for specialty facilities.

Saves You Time

When employees have to clean the office themselves, they spend valuable time away from their work schedules and responsibilities. This can be a significant distraction and lead to lags in productivity or even lost business. Having a professional office cleaning St Louis take care of these tasks can save you valuable time and money.

Janpro is a trusted cleaning company that works with commercial clients to keep their spaces spotless. With various cleaning services and scheduling options, they can accommodate businesses of all types, including rental areas, managed properties, banks, offices, and more. They also offer specialized cleaning for medical and specialty facilities and commercial services. These teams are vetted and trained to clean spaces safely, quickly, and efficiently. The result is a space that looks better, feels healthier, and helps businesses run smoothly. Call them today to request a quote.