Office Carpet Or Tiles? 5 Tips To Choose For The Right Flooring Options

Flooring is also part of interior design, and choosing the right one can be challenging for newbies. After all, there are plenty of choices, from wood and bamboo to carpet tiles in Singapore. Some may choose a different flooring style for the overall visual appeal. For this reason, knowing how to look for the best […]

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A&A Work: 4 Things to Consider When Preparing for An Office Renovation

Do you think your office could benefit from an interior redesign and A&A work? Your office setup and organisation may have remained the same since you first began managing your company. And while remodelling might not be a matter of life or death, you might need to enhance your workplace at some point, no matter […]

Interior Design

Why Should You Partner With An Interior Design Consultancy in Singapore 

Redecorating your home is a project that you need to think of with a thorough process. If this is your first time, you might need professional help to make the result more successful. Indeed, it’s better to renovate your home when you feel the need for change and if you want to improve your overall […]


3 Pieces Of Bedroom Furniture To Go With A Bedside Table From Singapore 

Furnishing a room is somewhat similar to baptising it. Without furniture, a room would only be an empty space. You can exist within that space, but you wouldn’t have the ability to properly live in it without equipping it with various pieces of furniture. Furniture is meant to fill a room and provide convenience to […]


What Termite Damage Can Do To Your House And Office

These 1/4-inch Termites can attack your home or office anytime without giving you any symptoms or even during sleep. It’s not a single villain but a horde of microscopic terrorists. They can be anywhere in your home, garden, wall, and possibly even within the pieces of furniture. They are a constant threat, causing damage around […]