What Termite Damage Can Do To Your House And Office

These 1/4-inch Termites can attack your home or office anytime without giving you any symptoms or even during sleep. It’s not a single villain but a horde of microscopic terrorists. They can be anywhere in your home, garden, wall, and possibly even within the pieces of furniture. They are a constant threat, causing damage around the clock. In Singapore alone, termites are responsible for an estimated $4 billion in annual damage due to eating wood from structures such as homes, furniture, boats, office, and even trees. As per studies, there are over 2,800 various types of Termites worldwide. Let’s find out what Termite damage can do to your home or office.

What Causes Termite Damage?

Termites are small, white insects that cause harm through feeding and digging. Some Termites species build underground tunnels by chewing the wood to connect with other nests. However, some termite species don’t need tunnels to get to their preferred timber. Termites are a threat to any house because they are widespread in the surrounding.

Termite Can Damages

Damages The Wall

Damaging the walls is common in termites. For them, walls are their favourite place to damage. But the good news is that you can keep them under control with the deep inspection. An experienced pest control service will detail the damage caused by the termites and recommends the treatment as per the level of damage.

Damage Floor

Laminate flooring and even skirting boards are not safe against termites. To discover their damaging activity, look under the flooring; you may notice flak or sag in affected places.

Damage Health

Although termites don’t pose an immediate danger to humans, they might cause health problems if they find a permanent home in your house. Some of these species are dangerous because of their ability to bite or sting.

A colony’s movement through your home will stir up dust and splinters of wood, which will then be released into the air. Allergies and asthma patience can get affected due to this.

Help! Termites Have Attacked My Sweet House!

Fixing termite damage includes:

  • Replacing infested wooden walls or ceilings.
  • Throwing away the damaged carpet and books.
  • Treating the building to prevent further infestations.

Further, if there are termites, your home probably has a moisture issue. First, you need to repair it. The next step is to seek help from a reputable pest control firm to treat the Termites infestation.