Tips For Designing a Contemporary Bathroom

Antique bathrooms aren’t really a thing, and while some homeowners choose to add vintage features to their bathroom, most opt for modern spaces with all the latest mod cons and design features to make the room as comfortable and luxurious as possible.

If you’re currently planning for bathroom renovation, here are some tips for turning it into a contemporary space:

Choose sleek, open designs

Straight, neat and clean lines help give a sense of calm, order and space.

Try a floating vanity

Sleek, crisp lines on a vanity are essential for a modern bathroom, although they may be curved, and opting for a floating vanity can help give a sense of space.

Go for glass showers and freestanding tubs

Open showers, or those with a glass screen will help preserve light in the bathroom, and a freestanding tub can add a real sense of luxury, provided the tub itself is modern and not too fussy in design.

Keep clutter to a minimum

Nothing can make a bathroom feel cramped, messy and uninviting more than one that’s cluttered. Select sleek drawers and cabinets that can be wall mounted for extra storage, to keep clutter to a minimum.

Choose a neutral color scheme 

Neutral shades of white, beige and grey for the walls and flooring can allow for the creation of visual contrast with plants or small pieces of contemporary artwork, while still keeping the space looking and feeling light and airy. Materials used for cabinets and other items of furniture should be kept looking natural, and without too much color variation. Flooring can be made from stone, wood, concrete or tile and countertops are often quartz or marble in a contemporary bathroom.

Chrome faucets and shower sets

This is a popular choice for modern bathrooms as it blends well with neutral colors, or you could go for black to provide visual contrast between light and dark.

Add some technology 

From towel warmers and automated lighting, to touchless and timed faucets, some simple but effective technological additions to your bathroom can keep it stylishly modern and incredibly functional.

  • Automated lighting – soft lights that illuminate when you enter at night time, or brighter ones for during the day, you can choose.
  • Touchless, timed faucets – fantastic for hygiene and water saving purposes, faucets that operate with an infra-red sensor light and a timer, aren’t just for airports and commercial purposes. 
  • Smart toilets – with the help of a clever sensor, the toilet seat cover will open and close, warm up, and there are even wash and dry capabilities to reduce your use of toilet paper.
  • Electronically controlled water temperature – helping you create the ideal temperature for a bath or shower, this technology prevents water wastage and gives you the perfect bathing experience.

For more ideas on how to design a contemporary bathroom, schedule a consultation with a local bathroom remodeling company. Not only can they carry out all of the work for you, but you’ll often have access to their entire team of designers and contractors, who will work together to create you the ideal bathroom for a modern home.