How To Protect Your Shoe Cabinet In Singapore From Destructive Termites

Our shoes carry tons of outside dirt. It is why in Asian households, you should never wear your outdoor shoes inside; instead, keep them in your wooden shoe rack in Singapore. But did you know you can also bring destructive termites to your home?

Subterranean termites live underneath the soil. They can easily cling to your shoes and carry them at home, unknowingly feeding them your wooden shoe cabinet in Singapore. Over time, they would spread to your other furniture.

Here are the ways how to protect your wooden furniture:

1. Expose your shoe rack to sunlight

The insides of your shoe cabinet in Singapore can be moist and humid if you frequently keep your wet shoes drenched from the rain without drying them first.

Termites love a dark and humid environment. The heat from sunlight drives termites away.

2. Use termite-repellent polish

Coating and refinishing are parts of wooden furniture maintenance, such as your TV console in Singapore. Did you know that there are termite-repellent coatings for your furniture in the market?

You can apply these at least twice a year for better protection.

3. Avoid direct contact with the soil

Avoid placing your wooden furniture directly on the soil. Remember, subterranean termites live underneath it. Unless your outdoor armchair in Singapore is made of high-quality solid hardwood, which is impenetrable by termites’ fangs and jaw.

4. Clean your shoes

Before placing your sneakers inside your shoe cabinet, make sure to clean the soles thoroughly to ensure there are no stowaway termites. Also, cleaning them prolongs the life of your sneakers.

5. Call your pest control service

If you see signs of termite infestation on your shoe rack in Singapore, call your pest control services to prevent further infestation into the other furniture and foundations of your home.

Termites are beatable if you know how to defend your wooden furniture using these tips.

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