How To Safely Use A Telehandler

Heavy lift telehandlers provide a piece of machinery that helps your site to function properly and effectively. As with any plant hire options though, the tools and machinery you have to hand are only as good as the operators you have working on site. Without trained operators and plant hire suppliers that provide full training manuals and expertise alongside the delivery of the plant itself, there is the heightened danger of an accident occurring. Learning how to safely use a telehandler won’t just ensure the tasks are performed and completed well and within time, it also makes sure that they are done as safely as possible.

Choose the right plant hire supplier

This is crucial when hiring telehandlers or any other form of plant hire option for your workplace, site or project. The best plant hire contracts include the very latest machinery, which means the highest standards of safety and effectiveness available on the market right now. Every piece of equipment that you hire will go through a rigorous testing, maintenance and repair process before it is sent out to your site. You can also expect expert advice, guidance and training manuals to ensure that you choose the right piece of equipment and understand how to use it in the correct way.

Inspection before use

Once you have the telehandler on site, ensure that operators are fully trained in how to use them safely and effectively. Even if you have used the telehandler with no problems the day before, every new day should begin with an inspection of the machinery. Only start working with the machine if it is in full working condition.

Take care when loading the telehandler

Every telehandler will have a loading capacity that you must be aware of. Only load within these parameters as a heavy load could cause the telehandler to tilt and cause damage and injury. Most modern telehandlers are equipped with a system that prevents the lifting of excessively heavy loads.

Careful when driving

When operating a telehandler, you must be supremely focussed and concentrated on the route and movement of your machinery. Drive backwards if you are unable to see further than two metres beyond your load. This should also be the case when carrying loads that could be deemed unstable or pallets that might slide off the forks.

Keep a safe distance between forks and ground

You should always keep the forks and load at least 30cm off the ground and tilt the fork carriage backwards when transporting loads. It is likely that you’ll hire a telehandler to be used on uneven, unsteady ground, where it is important to pay close attention to this kind of detail to keep things safe and moving.

Safety on site should always be paramount, and even more so when using telehandlers and other types of heavy plant hire options. Think about the tasks and site, the operators you have and the choices you need to make, and then find a plant hire company that matches your ideals and needs.