Get driveway paving service in your area

There are several advantages to choosing driveway pavers in Bloomington for homeowners looking to improve their homes’ usability and curb appeal. For various reasons, Elite Paving & Sealcoating is a well-liked option that can completely change the appearance and feel of the outside of your house.


Throughout the year, Bloomington receives a variety of weather, including severe winters with snow and ice. Pavers are a durable option for your driveway since they are made to resist these extremes. Under pressure, they won’t break or degrade, guaranteeing a long-lasting solution for your house.

Aesthetic appeal

There are pavers to suit any style preference, whether rustic, modern, or classic. You can match the style of your home with driveway pavers in Bloomington in many colors, styles, and patterns.

Relatively low-maintenance

They are simple to maintain, and if one of the pavers gets damaged, it can be replaced separately from the driveway. In the long term, pavers are cost-effective because of their repairability.


Even in slippery or rainy circumstances, their rough surfaces offer superior traction, lowering the chance of slips and falls. This is particularly crucial in the winter when homeowners prioritize their safety.

Eco-friendly option

Eco-friendly pavers from Elite Paving & Sealcoating let rainwater seep through the seams, minimizing water runoff and assisting in recharging the nearby aquifer.


You may improve your driveway’s look and use by choosing driveway pavers in Bloomington. Elite Paving & Sealcoating serves commercial and residential clients and ensures satisfaction with everything from new construction, parking lots, and driveways to asphalt overlays and repairs, seal coating, crack filling, and grading.