7 Home Design Trends To Make Your Home Stand Out

There are a number of reasons that residents might find themselves wanting to make their home stand out, with one of the most common being to increase its value. Homes that offer more luxurious or practical features tend to perform better on the market and will certainly get the attention of potential buyers, they are easier to remember and, depending on the type of design, can even lead to greater offers being made.

Regardless of why you might want your home to stand out, however, we’re going to show you how it can be done, by sharing seven contemporary features that are currently sought-after on the housing market.

Car Charging Station

With the rise in the popularity of electric vehicles, traffic infrastructure is changing. Petrol stations are needing to accommodate not only for gas-based cars but also those that may need charging, with car parks also following suit. Homes must do the same and those with facilities for charging an electric vehicle are ahead of the curve and likely to be in greater demand.

Stone Features

Stone is beginning to make its way into homes and those with strong elements incorporated into their design are likely to feel vindicated as interior designers name stone as one of the most popular design features of 2023. Stone not only brings warmth and comfort to a living space but its natural aesthetics also promote nature and biophilia.

Solar Panels

Once considered a costly investment, the rising cost of energy bills and an increased awareness of climate change have led solar panels to become one of the most well-valued features of a property. In addition to this rise in popularity, they have also become more efficient and affordable, making them a must for most homes.

Log Cabins

Whether you choose to utilise log cabins as home offices, yoga studios, or guest rooms, having a customised and luxurious outbuilding in your garden is like having a blank canvas for creative purposes, explaining why these structures have become widely sought-after by homeowners across the country.

Open Shelves

Kitchen cupboards, those heavy spaces with concealed fronts, are being swapped for the open and bright alternative of shelving. Motivated by the efficient use of space and the diffusion of natural light, kitchens that are designed with open shelves are in. However, many are promoting the presence of pantries and larders as an acceptable alternative.

Entertainment Rooms

Whether you create a home cinema or a listening space for an old record collection, entertainment rooms are in. These spaces are not only great for families but they also contain electronics and can help other rooms around the house to be free from wires and distracting devices.

Multifunctional Spaces

In the advent of remote working, there is a greater demand for flexible and living spaces, with modular design being a priority for many. By creating spaces that can function in different ways, remote workers can work from home while also keeping their living space free from a sense of professional obligation at the end of the day.