5 DIY Hacks for Roman Blinds Cleaning

5 DIY Hacks for Roman Blinds Cleaning

Roman blinds are known for adding elegance, functionality, and a compact look to your rooms. They have a catchy look and look amazing with glass doors. So, a lot of people use Roman blinds in living rooms as well as in the bedrooms. However, these Roman blinds get stained faster compared to the other ones and need frequent curtain cleaning in Adelaide.

So, we advise you to use curtain cleaning services in Adelaide regularly for perfect and flawless results. However, if you have decided to clean the curtains by yourself, then it is also advisable to follow the proper process for getting your curtains cleaned. Here is a guide for ensuring that you clean Roman blinds properly and make sure that they are free from dirt, dust, and allergens.

Read on to understand everything about the step to step guide to Roman blinds and curtain cleaning in Adelaide

  • Vacuum cleaning Roman blinds-

For starters, clean your Roman blinds with an efficient vacuum cleaner for eradicating all the surficial dust and dirt from the blinds. Use the suction feature of the vacuum cleaner to complete the first phase of cleaning your Roman blinds. Also, if you feel that it is necessary, then you can also use the crevice attachment for cleaning the blinds. This can help you in loosening the dirt from the surface and making your Roman blinds dust-free.

  • Clean stains and spots from the curtains-

If you have Roman blinds that are not made of fabrics, then you can skip this step. However, if your blinds have some stains or blemishes, then you can take a wet cloth and wipe those spots by using a detergent or soap. You need to rub the area which is stained and then use another clean cloth for wiping it clean. This will help you to remove the stains and marks from your Roman blinds.

  • Wash your blinds-

For cleaning your Roman blinds, you need to wash them properly and regularly. However, you also need to check the manual which comes with them to get the cleaning process right.  To start with this process, you need to first uninstall the blinds and remove the attachments and pins which come with the blinds. Then use a mild detergent for washing the blinds.

Once you are done washing your blinds, you can rinse them with clean water and make sure that the stains and spots are washed away from your curtains. After this is done, rinse this with clean water to ensure that all the stains and spots are cleaned away with soapy water.

  • Steam cleaning-

All expert blind and curtain cleaning firms in Adelaide use steam cleaning for efficient cleaning of Roman blinds and curtains.  You can also apply this cleaning process to fabric curtains as well as Roman blinds.

For this process, you need to get a handheld steam cleaner and keep the stem nozzle close to the blinds and clean it from top to bottom. You need to maintain a healthy distance of about 3-5 inches depending on the material of the blind.  Hence, it is better to hire professional curtain cleaners in Adelaide for the best results from curtain cleaning.

  • Cleaning wood blinds-

The procedure of wood blind cleaning in Adelaide is slightly different. You need to start by using a vacuum cleaner for loosening and cleaning the surficial dust and dirt. During this process, ensure that you use wood-only cleaners and also ensure that you read the manual provided by the manufacturer for the best results.

These are the five eminent steps that you need to follow for curtain cleaning in Adelaide.

If you think that you need expert help for completing this job, then you can connect with us at Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide. Our efficient and well-trained team will ensure that your curtains are cleaned thoroughly and are totally safe during the curtain cleaning process.